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About Us

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Weird Genius


About Weird Genius

When it comes to electronic music in South East Asia only one name stands above the rest, Weird Genius. Made up of Reza Oktovian (Arap), Eka Gustiwana, Gerald Liu; after having each previously worked on their own projects, they then merged their unique talents into one unstoppable driving force.

In a short time, Weird Genius has gained recognition from EDM fans and accumulated tens of millions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music while experimenting with various genres across the electronic soundscape. Their latest release “LATHI” reached #1 on Spotify in Indonesia and flew up the Global Viral Charts reaching the #3 spot.

Weird Genius live is known to be hard, upbeat, pumping and blended between crazy-drops and infectious melodies. The group’s relentless touring schedule has seen them participate in local and international events including Bangkok’s Viral Fest, the main-stage of Jakarta’s SHVR, YouTube’s FanFest Indonesia, Bali’s Soundrenaline and supporting the likes of Yellow Claw and The Chainsmokers Live in Concert.

The trio deliberately keeps on raising the bar, aiming to extend the name Weird Genius on the world map. As artists, they continue to evolve and explore diversity in music production. One of the identity they wish to carry and progress is injecting Indonesian traditional elements into their tracks while making them accessible to the world. Looking forward, we are eager to see the trio’s full potential and witness their ride to success towards the international scene.

DOB: 02/10/1991

Education: MSc (ITE)

E-mail: music@mail.com

+(123) 456 - 7890